Saturday, October 23, 2004

So I figured it might be time for me to get around to posting again...My life has been a multitude of busy, little happenings. I don't even know how far back to start...
School is fine, but nothing much to report there. I'm in AP Bio, Eng, APUSH, Spanish 4, Pre Calc, and Topics of the 20th Century.
As of this week (and yes, they often change weekly) my biggest time commitments are the Lady Phoenix Bball Team, Quiz Bowl, Raleigh Charter Christian Fellowship, Yearbook, Newspaper, and acting president of Env. Club. On top of all that, I am babysitting on an average of 3 or 4 times per week and we just moved, so I'm still trying to open cardboard boxes and compel myself to unpack.
I'm hoping to return to Chile this summer because it changed my life. Paola and Roberto (now married) came to visit RCHS on Wed, and I had not realized for the last month how much I missed them. Suddenly, though I want to go stay in Chile with them. In other Spanish news, I am now dreaming and thinking in Spanish, which often scares me. I wake up from sleep, and realize that the people (including myself) in my dream were not speaking English. I also think (outloud and in my head) in Spanish, and occassionally speak to sole-English speakers in Spanish, which they find a little odd, but hey...
One other thing that has changed for me recently is what I want to do with my life. It's funny, because I went for a while when I was really young (elem. school) where I only wanted to be a teacher, and still that seems a viable option, at least until I decide if there is another profession I want to enter. After that teacher-phase, I hit my medical phase, which only recently began to disappear about two weeks ago. I thought medicine was my calling, but I'm not as sure anymore. I'm looking at social work, law, [I can't believe I'm going to say politician], teaching, and still medicine. Social work or psychology is my biggest inclination right now, however.
Well, I have to stop writing all these incoherent ramblings for now and get some sleep.