Monday, January 16, 2006

Okay, so there's so much I haven't blogged about-- my college application process (but that's boring), our trip to Chicago (maybe later...), exams (boring), and winter formal:
This year, winter formal was amazing. Period. Nabil is a senior at my school, and we met during study hall one day. He just moved back to the states from Australia-- he's lived in China, Canada, Australia and various places in the U.S. So we went to formal together and I had one of the best nights ever. Wow.

First we went to Applebees, along with my sister Sherby, Josh (her date, and like my best guy friend), and our friends Cati, Katie and Denise. I had to teach Nabil about tipping your waiter/waitress, because in Australia it is illegal to tip. Then we headed to the dance (theme: Mardi Gras: The Spirit of New Orleans), and Nabil even wore some of the mardi gras beads necklaces I had bought at Party City. We had fun running around, taking pictures, drinking tons of soda, and talking to our friends and each other. We danced to every slow song, I think, but neither of us like fast songs, so we sat those out. Side note: the dance itself was absolutely wonderful, and mad props to those people who were on the planning committee. After the dance, we headed to IHOP, along with Cati, Katie, Denise, Sherby, Josh, Elizabeth and Rachel. And we were at IHOP until after 1am. Then, I got to drive Nabil home (to Cary), because he doesn't have his liscense yet--- it's difficult and confusing to have to drive on the opposite side of the road in the U.S. lol. Josh rode with us, so that coming back from Cary at 2am, I wouldn't be alone. I drove Josh home and then headed to my house. When I arrived at 2:45am, I promptly fell asleep. I had so much fun, though. Nabil is really fun to be around, and even if he doesn't believe me-- he's a good dancer. :)
(but he has got to try grits. He ordered some at IHOP but they were out. The waitress assured him that they tasted like paper/napkins, so he could just eat the napkin on the table instead. Of course, we all know that grits are a southern delicacy...along with sweet tea.)