Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Okay, I've heard from all the colleges I applied to. (Actually, I've known for about two weeks now, but I wasn't ready to go public with that information).
I got in at Elon, Meredith, Purdue, American and UNC-G.
I'll probably end up going to UNC-G, but that can still change, I guess, between now and May 1.

I guess that's all I want to post about.

Oh yeah, prom was amazing. Josh and I went to Khanki (I can never spell that right) beforehand, and everyone stared at us because we were dressed up as if we were going to...well...prom. Imagine that! But that was fun, anyway. Then we went to prom, in the cold drizzle. The music was good; we danced most songs, only with each other, but again, we're just friends. We had our portrait made there, which was fun too. Then after it was over, we helped clean up (because we're weird like that), we got our "favors"-- wine glasses that had RCHS PROM 2006 "A Black Tie Event" printed on them, filled with hershey kisses and black and white M&Ms. Then we went to IHOP, where we probably bugged the waiter to death, but that's half the fun of being at IHOP at 12am. Haha. Anyway, senior prom was a wonderful success; I had a great time; too bad it was over so soon.

Now there's a series of things to countdown before graduation on June 8:
-graduation speech audition (yes, I'm crazy enough to audition)
-RCCF cookout
-AP Exams
-Final exams
-Graduation rehearsal
And then...the class of 2006 is heading out! Wow. Four years flew by. It's all kind of sad really. I'm excited about starting something new next year, though. :)

Thursday, April 06, 2006

I'm back from Costa Rica--- back from having one of the most memorable and exciting times thus far, in my short 18-year life. From zip-lining through the mountains (which I remarked is a completely other way to view God's amazing creation-- i.e. you usually see the moutains from the peak or from the ground, never from half-a-mile up, in between them) to hanging out at a local discotec, I found that traveling abroad, regardless of the food, homesickness, sickness, sunburn, is something I will always, always, always want to do.
Edwin got bet 10 dollars that he wouldn't eat (i.e. consume) a cigarette. He did. He ended up in the hospital because his entire body had gone numb and his response time left a lot to be desired.
We got to take a boat ride through Monte Verde National Park and see howler monkeys, crocodiles, blue herons, iguanas and other awesome wildlife. We horseback rode in the mountains, galloping a little (except for me, because I got "abuelo" the slowest horse in the history of horses...abuelo means "grandfather" in Spanish). I got sunburn that blistered over, which was pretty gross but kinda funny too, especially because I will never get rid of the tan-line from my capris. A few of us went to a Bible study in Spanish, which was really cool-- a whole other experience, and surprisingly, I could understand most of it. We volunteered at an elementary school, where I met some awesome kids that I fell in love with. We took dance lessons, which out of 21 kids, only about 5 of us actually danced for more than 10 minutes. We visited a volcano and a hot springs resort, and amazingly we survived 10 days with no air conditioning (it was at least ninety most days) and no hot water...and the worst-- no ice or iced tea. (now that's hardcore).
THere were some other awesome experiences that were more bonding than anything-- hanging out, singing and playing guitar until midnight on our front porches, playing "Stupid Ninjas" on the bus, singing Wizard of Oz as we skipped through the airport (my hair was in braids, and I was appropriately dubbed Dorothy), laying out by the pool at midnight and staring at the stars and talking. It was a truly awesome time with fun, hilarity, and certainly Spanish-immersion.

PROM IS ON SATURDAY! Josh and I are going (no, we are not dating. We are friends) first to Kanki and then to prom. I am very excited. My dress is floor-length and fades between dark pink and light pink and has dark pink glitter sewn into it. It's really hard to describe, but as soon as I figure out how, I'll post pictures of it (and of prom, and of Costa Rica).