Monday, December 27, 2004

It's winter break! Yay. Finally. I swear Junior year is harder than they told us it would be, and most of all...I HATE AP BIO! I want out of that class sooooo bad, but unfortuneately, my teacher is also in charge of schoolwide scheduling and doesn't think there is any reason for me to switch classes. UGH. (How bout these reasons: 1) I don't understand the material; 2) The teacher doesn't teach; 3) Everyone else in the class is as miserable as I am; 4) I have given up medical school dreams after only a semester in this course...pretty bad huh?; 5) It is causing me unnecessary stress; 6) The class isn't even required. In fact, I've completed all three science requirements for graduation! So there.)

Moving right along. I have been lazy all during break. I went running, played some bball, shopped, etc. I have yet to complete my 10 page outline for my AP U.S. History paper on the Commerce Clause, and have definitely barely started my "book" I'm supposed to write for English. It's supposed to be a book of vingettes, like The House on Mango Street, by Sandra Cisneros. Vingettes are little 3-4page snipets of episodes from your life. Here's my list of 7, so far:
1. My name (it's required), COMPLETED
2. Moving (11 houses in 16 years...) 1/2 way done
3. Alicia (no comment) Hard to write about
4. Hope, my kitty kitty. ALMOST DONE
5. Chile (yeah...need I say more?) 1/2 way done
6. Something else
7. Something else
^Yeah, I'm not too good at this, I know.

I had a splendid Christmas, and before that I had a wonderful 17th birthday. I got lots of clothes at both houses, but at my dad's house all my clothes that my stepmom picked out were at least three sizes too large...clearly not fitting. That kind of made me more concious than I wish I was about my "size." In fact, one shirt was a layered one with a three-quarter length sleeved shirt sewed on top of a full-lengthed sleeved shirt. The shirt was so large that the 3/4 length sleeves were regular length and the regularlength sleeves hung about six inches below my fingers. The shirt could have been a dress. Yeah, I was pretty upset because it made me feel bad. She was like it'll shrink. I was thinking, Lady, it's a size XXL, I need a medium...don't think it's gonna shrink that much. Plus my stepbrother told me I was fat, and when I told him I didn't appreciate the comment, he said, "well if the truth hurts..." I was really hurt. Then my stepmom told me to get over it, that I was making him cry because I was upset, and that I was ruining everyone's Christmas. Oh well. Such is the life with step families.

Onto bigger and better things, Chile is in a little over three months! I am sooooo excited. Claudio finally emailed me, and said he was always thinking about me and that he can't wait to see me in worries. Long distance romances (since this isn't even close to one) never work out.

Monday, December 20, 2004

People (and grade) who are going to Chile:
1. Me (Junior)
2. Sherby (Freshman)
3. Denise (Freshman)
4. Taylor (Soph)
5. Bayleigh (Junior)
6. Michelle (Junior)
7. Marsha (Super-cool senior)
8. Kit (Super-cool senior)
9. Grant (Junior)
10. Casey (Soph)
11. Josh (Soph)
12. Julie (Senior)
13. Julie (Junior)
14. Claire (Fresh)
15. Jeremy (Senior)
16. Mark (Junior)
17. Danny (Soph...I think that's his name...)
Pretty cool group...I'm excited. :)

In other news:
The final multiple choice question on my 20th Century Topics Exam:
50. All of the following are true EXCEPT:
a. I am tired
b. I am in room 304
c. I love Ms. Greenwalt's tests. They make me happy.
d. I have two exams left to go.
e. All are true.

Ummm...can we say subjective. Obviously, b and d were true. A could sorta be true, and C was definitely NOT true! We all loathe her exams, but she doesn't care! We love her, though! Anyway, I cautiously put down E. :)

Friday, December 17, 2004

Well, I'm going back to Chile over spring break. It should be tons of fun and I can't wait to learn more spanish! My current hopeful majors are: Spanish and some history, with a minor in English or environmental studies. (no, i am not doing a double major/double minor combo! ha. like that would happen)

I'm currently engrossed in a major research paper for APUSH. It's about the changes that have occurred in the interpretation of the Commerce Clause since it was passed in the late 19th century. It's quite uneventful. Oh well.

In other news, I had my first two exams today: Spanish 4 and English 3. (funny how I'm a year ahead in my second language...hehe) They went ok. I highly recommend you click here. It is one of the most touching things I've seen in awhile and a good reminder around this time of year (and always). Have a great holiday, everyone.