Monday, October 31, 2005

Wow. It's been quite a while since I last updated. Right now, I'm busy studying AP Psych, doing AP Spanish work and memorizing some Hamlet for English class. Bah.

There's not too much to say, which is why I guess I've been so lax about updating. I love Elon University, and could definitely see myself there for four years.

I'm going to Costa Rica this spring with Mr. Slattery, Mr. Day and some kids from school, and I'm super-excited about that. We're doing home-stays, so Rachel (sophomore) and I will be staying in a house with a family for a week, and there will be whole-group excursions during the day, as well as spanish-classes. It sounds pretty cool to me. :)

There's a big to-do with the newspaper (The Flame) right now because, as many of you know, we sell ads to local businesses in order to make enough money to produce the newspaper 7 times each year. Well, one student this year sold an ad to a family that she knows. They want to take up a full page (envision the N&O size, 'cause that's how big it is) and all they want on the page is: In God We Trust. Now, I don't have a problem with this because, though I think proselytizing isn't always appropriate, I believe strongly in our first-amendment rights. All of us on the newspaper staff want freedom of the press, and with that, we have to accept freedom of speech. As I told our editor-in-chief, who is particularly upset about this ad, "We won't stop selling ads to Domino's Pizza if the veagans get upset, will we?" He thinks it's different, but I don't. The other thing is that if we were content-neutral when we started selling ads, we have to remain content neutral throughout. Well, our editor-in-chief, Ben, wrote a petition and got (at last count more than eighty) students to sign it--- saying that they didn't support the inclusion of this ad in the paper (ARGH-- people, it's an ad that clearly says it was paid for by a certain family, whose name I am not going to print on my blog). The N&O has printed ads before that say "If you don't believe in such and such you are going to be doomed to so and so for ever." That's just the way it goes. It's clearly not a newspaper-supported thing. It's funny how people think editorials are okay, but the second we put in an ad that people don't like, everyone goes nuts. In fact, there's another full-page ad for Moe's Southwest grill that basically says that Moe's is #1 for burritoes. And you know what, Q'doba-lovers (Q'doba is another burrito place) are not getting hot and bothered about it. You know, it's not that people aren't entitled to their opinions or that I think they shouldn't speak their minds, but the thing is, this is much ado about nothing. Well, anyway, back to the story. Apparently the News and Observer got wind of the advertisement and the petition and called our faculty-sponsor (Dr. Busonik) and they want to run a story! It amazes me sometimes the reactions people have to certain things. Funny isn't it, that we freaking out over this, and yet people in Congo (Africa, for those of you geographically-challenged) are dying of starvation daily because the world has turned a blind-eye. And yet the second that there's an advertisement going in a measely 16-page newspaper at a 500-person school, the freaking state-wide newspaper takes notice. Ironic, yes? I think so. K, I'm done ranting now I guess.

Here's the google thinga-majiggy for today:

SPOOKY, huh?

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I've been really slack about posting, I know. Anyway, I figured I'd try to briefly update on my life: nothing much is new, though. I'm applying for the NC Teaching Fellows Scholarship, and even though I probably won't get it, it would be nice. (but it would mean that I would have to stay in-state. I mean, we have some awesome schools in NC, but other places have awesome schools too, lol).
I went on the fall retreat at CHBC this weekend; it was held in King, NC, at a YMCA Camp. It was super-fun and I had a great time. Of course, I came home sick...but it was well worth it.
College applications are slowly beginning to overtake my life!!!! AHHHH. It's kinda exciting but also stressful and scary at the same time.
Riley is doing well and has completely become one of the family. Hope still isn't wild about him, but whatever.
Tomorrow is a 1/2 day at RCHS, and Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors will take the PSAT, while us lucky seniors get to attend a crash-course in how to write college application essays. *yawn* But it's all good because we get Thursday and Friday off from school. I guess that's about it.
If y'all want to check out some cool music from a band that was formed from some members of my church, go here. They're called SpencerAcuff, and their music is awesome. I encourage you to purchase the cds if you like the demos online--- all proceeds are currently going to the RedCross to benefit victims of hurrican Katrina.

That's all for now. I'm tired...later dudes.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

I know I haven't updated in forever, but school has kept me busy, busy, busy. There's not much new to report:
-I've finally come out of my country/clay aiken only shell, and started listening to other genres. Five Iron Frenzy, Seven Day Jesus, Squad 5-0, AC/DC, ColdPlay, and Caedman's Call are some of my new favorites
-I'm going to Costa Rica over Spring Break
-I mail my first college application in tomorrow-- (no, it's not early decision, but rather "rolling admission.")
-I went to the Silver Ring Thing tonight, and that was pretty fun.
-The first dance of the year went pretty well. We didn't make all that much money, so our senior gift to the school...well, let's just say hopefully we'll make more money by gift-giving time.
-The Fall Retreat at church is this coming weekend! I'm so excited.
-I made a final decision not to take the SAT a second time. I was pleasantly pleased by my first score, and the added stress (even though I've worked through a 900 page workbook) of taking it again isn't something I need to deal with right now.
-I really love all my classes this year. I miss some of my former classes, and some of my old teachers and other staff from RCHS, but this year is certainly going to be a good one (except for some of the students who are really wearing on my nerves and wearing me down in general).
-My college list is as long as ever and showing no signs of shortening. Oh well. The first four apps I get around to doing will probably be the places I go to. (I'm sure UNC-CH and Meredith will be in there...and of course, if I get the Teaching Fellows Scholarship, I'll definitely go somewhere instate). I'm also looking at American U., Purdue U., Northeastern U., Boston U., U of Richmond, and some more instate schools. Bleh.

Time for me to hit the hay. I promise to try to be better about updating. No guarantees, though.