Friday, May 28, 2004

Okay, it's official high school students are STUPID, in all capital letters. This kid drank a poison from a chemistry lab because someone dared him to. Give me a break. This is insane. It's like giving kids Nalgene bottles and telling them that they are unbreakable. I know this kid at my school who ran over it in his car....why do we insist on acting like fools? Oh well. I'm done ranting for the night.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Hehehe, gotta love this! lol.

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Monday, May 24, 2004

Day in the life of a highschooler, fun lol

I have to ask you this: Is overachieving a bad thing? In two of my classes (AP Env. and Spanish III) all the juniors and seniors (or, as it seems fit to call them collectively, THE REST OF THE CLASS) seems to think I am some genius, overachieving, nerdy sophomore. Maybe this is territoriality, or maybe there's some truth to it. It was the same way in Spanish II and ELPs last year. They order me around 99% of the time, but the second that a group assignment or project is dolled out, everyone is vying to be in my group. Maybe some of this on-again, off-again relationship can be attributed to the fact that APES and Spanish III are traditionally (at least at RCHS) junior or senior classes. I don't mind. Actually, I think it is kind of funny. We were watching "A Civil Action" in class, and at the end they have lots of little blurbs about where all the characters are now. I was in the front, so one person in the back says, "Hey, Sophomore, please read that." I complied and read it to them, so I guess this entire thing is just as much my fault as theirs. Anyway, overachieving. They all think I'm some hunky-dory overachiever who has nothing better to do than sit at home and study. The truth is that studying is byfar the bane of my existence. Okay, anyway, so they also think that everytime I am reading just for pleasure that I must be a geek. (lol, that's a good one.) If someone hands me a novel that looks even remotely interesting, I have been known to stay up past 3am in order to not have to put down the book. So, yeah, maybe I am a geek.

Now on to how mean some people can be. I was in health the other day, and I had gotten there first, so I lay down on the coveted couch. We ended up watching a movie and so right before it started, this freshman came over and said, "Lindsay, move your damn feet so I can sit down." I looked at him and said, "Ask nicely. I'm not a dog." (bad example, I don't even talk to my dog that way 'cept when she's in trouble.) He simply said, more irritably, "Move your damn feet." I didn't move. He was getting mad, but I'm sorry, I AM NOT GOING TO COMPLY WHEN YOU TREAT ME LIKE I'M SOME PIECE OF DIRT. Anyway, I got on his nerves because I wasn't being as subservient as he would have liked. Oh well.

Saturday, May 22, 2004

Pure Angel????

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But anyway, who cares? I, for one, LOVE rubik's cubes!
Stress, Stress, Stress, and More Stress!

Nothing much has happened this week. I'm really stressed about my new job, about finals, about going out of the country, about school ending, and about stuff in general. It's funny how little things can get you all worked up about all the big stuff you considered rather unimportant up until that point.
Yesterday was quite possibly the longest day I've had in a looonnnngggg time. School wasn't overly bad or anything. We watched a movie in health, and signed yearbooks. We designed houses in APES, specifically Green Architecture houses. (ours was cool!) Chemistry was EOC prep, and English was Final exam prep, as was Spanish. we just signed yearbooks in Alg. II and in Publications, we worked on our webpages. I was supposed to start work last night, but I couldn't because I couldn't find anyone qualified to sign my work permit. My employer told me that my school counselor could, but apparently he was dead wrong. We drove all over town while my sister got her hair fixed (for the eighth grade dance) looking for SOMEONE, ANYONE, who was qualified to sign the permit. Upon finding zilch, we returned to the hair dresser, with me close to tears, in fear of losing a job I had yet to even begin. Then my sister realized she still needed earrings for the dance, so my mom and I got back in the car to drive to Stein Mart to pick out some earrings for her, while she continues to receive an up-do. My mom cranks the car, and it sputters, and stops. We crank it at least five more times, trying everything we know. She is close to tears by this time too because she is stressed as well. She goes back inside the salon, to see if the hair dresser, Teresa has any jumper cables. I remain outside to call anyone I can think of to come pick my sister up to get her to the 8th grade dance. I can't get anyone to answer. I'm freaking out, so I decide to see what everyone is doing inside. I get out, and hit the power lock button on the passenger side to lock the doors. Nothing happens. I hit it again and again, and still NOTHING. I go to the drivers side and do the same thing. Nothing happens. FInally I manually lock all the doors. (that is when I KNOW for sure our car is dead.) Teresa doesn't have jumper cables, and it will take AAA at least two hours to arrive, making my sister insanely late for what is supposed to be the greatest night of her middle school life. My mom hands me money, determined to make this work for my sister, and tells me to "sprint to stein mart like you've never sprinted before and get her the earrings." I comply, even though the heat is more than stifling, it's my sister's night. I get the earrings back in record time, and my sister looks incredible, indescribable. (ever wonder why ANY parent would give up such a blessed opportunity in their child's life? more than i can fathom). My mom's friend calls and says she got our message and is on her way to pick Sherby and me up, and we'll go back to the house and I'll play mother for the night and help her get ready. Meanwhile, Teresa and I go look under the hood. We lift up the top on the battery and about three cups worth of what can be described as homemade chalk falls out. Yeah, our battery was corroded beyond imagination. My mom takes Teresa's car to Wal Mart and spends fifty dollars on a new battery for a car that she traded in today, for a smaller, not-so-gas-guzzling car. Oh well. I help my sister get ready, even though she is seething mad, at the world. She yells and screams and throws stuff, and has an all-out temper tantrum, while I try not to scream back or bang my head against the wall. She ends up being so mad while she is painting her toenails that she drops the brush, and toe nail polish gets on her black dress. Well, remover, alcohol, peroxide, and contact cleaner don't work. I was out of cleaning ideas, so I took black liquid eyeliner and covered it up (the miracles of makeup), while trying to convince her to stop crying, that all is not lost (yet). Then we can't find a dressy purse. Her earring won't close. My mom's friend is late picking us up. She hates her hair do, so she takes it out and brushes it. Amazingly, my mom's friend arrives just five minutes before, by some miracle, my mom pulls up. I take about five digital pictures, and we all pile into the car, hoping to somehow revive this night.
All in all, her night turned out fine, other than the fact that she couldn't walk in her heels. I was so tense by the time we got back from taking her, that I went running. Not a great idea, first considering it was eight thirty, and second considering that I haven't run in seven months. Yeah, oh well. It was actually a really decent run. :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

New Template

Well, I got a new template. Not sure how much I like it, but for now, it will suffice. I don't have much to talk about. I got a job at the movie theatre on Atlantic Springs/Spring Forest. It's a very clean theatre, but the perks of the job stop there. Anyway, we had a dance competition this past Saturday, and my "team" got 1st in our division, and 5th out of 1500 dances... kinda upsetting, but hey--- win some, lose some.

In other news we tie-dyed in chemistry. It was uber fun! lol. I did a design called "star burst" and I really like the results. Today in AP Env. Sci. we are walking to Krispy Kreme and then to an architect's office to learn about Green Architecture. Only four full days of school, then a half day, and exams!!!! Then SUMMER VACATION. I will miss sophomore year, though. It was a good, good, year. :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Well, I have a lot to say about the whole Iraq thing. First, I just cannot comprehend in any way, shape or form HOW we can go into a country, take over, act all high and mighty because we're a civilized country and a democracy at that, and then turn around and treat the Iraqi people no better than Saddam Hussein. Regardless of your political ideology, your upbringing, your views on the war, your hatred or love for George W. Bush, somewhere deep down inside, I KNOW that any decent person knows that what OUR soldiers did to those prisoners is WRONG. I have watched specials on Sixty Minutes, listened to Jerry Agar, and watched the news, along with having read internet articles about the alleged abuse. I even read an article in People magazine where one of the seven soldiers who is being punished and held accountable for his actions (imagine that!!!!) is claiming that he did nothing wrong, and he is blaming it on his commanders. First, okay, if your commanders do a crappy job of supervising, some blame can be placed on their shoulders, but any person with morals ought to have questions about whether or not the abuse is decent and right. Further more, how can any person do such haneous things, and still believe that Saddam Hussein is pure evil. While I don't disagree with much of that former statement, I have to say that if you beat up, soddomize, scare and pour phosphoric liquid on another living human being then you are NO better than Saddam Hussein. [Note: this does NOT mean that I am not fully in support of the majority of our troups. I do not want another vietnam post-war situation. Our soldiers need support, but those that are doing immoral things that would be undoubtedly punished had they occurred on U.S. soil, should be thoroughly and rightfully punished. This rant also does not mean that I think the beheading of a U.S. citizen by Iraqis was in anyway justified.] Oh, and the whole thing about Donald Rumsfeld needing to resign. I don't know how I feel about that. I feel like he and Bush got us into this mess, but at the same time, they certainly did NOT stand in front of those soldiers and suggest or order that they commit these offenses.

The people who protect us and serve for us in a time of danger or war are those that are shaming us and killing our image. If I were another country, I would think twice before befriending Americans....soldiers or not.

I thought the country I was born in, the country I grew up believing in was above this. I guess I was wrong.......

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Let's see---lately my life has been a string of crazy, insane happenings. First there was the election--- I lost, of course. Then came plenty of work and ex days, with the cultural fair to prepare for. At the last second the cultural fair was cancelled, and so all the work that Rachel and I put into our project was down the drain. Oh well, maybe next year. Then I had to shop cause I was in serious need of a few things from Kohls. Then I babysat for Lily and Gracie, and Lily is sitting up all by herself!!!! She's such a cool baby. Then I had my Spanish project on food, and I had to make Paella, Fajitas, and Tortilla Espanola. On top of that, there was church, youth group, and Sunday school, normal homework, and studying for an out-of-place APES final. My AP Env. Sci final is this week, Tues and Wed. It annoys me b/c I am NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT in study mode yet. I get in true, work-like-I-can't-imagine, study my butt off, read, review about a week before exams start, and I study soooooo hard. But three weeks before, I am still in the end-of-the-year slacker mode. Plus, my teacher does NOT know ANYTHING!!!! NADA, when it comes to APES, at least. He asked us what the largest reservoir of carbon was, and we said rocks, esp limestone, and he was like "No the book says it's the atmosphere." Well, I looked it up in the book and it said "The largest reservoir of carbon is rocks." Well, okay, everyone makes mistakes I guess, but still. . . it's frustrating b/c you should be able to go to your teachers for help and everytime I try to he says "Oh, I'll have to look that up in the book" and he either never does or he never gets back to me about it. ARGH. Anyway, the final shoudl be fairly simple, just basic terms and knowledge.

Which brings me to my final point about APES-- when I signed up to take this course, even though it's required, I though it would be a very liberal, heres-how-you-can-save-the-world, kind of course. But it is NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT anything like that. It's facts and figures. Most of our tests are like "how many people are in the world?" a) 6.1 bill b) 6.3 bill c)6.5 bill. d)6.6 bill. And as much as all of that fascinates me, I'd really rather be doing civil action or something or saving the world. But I guess this is school, after all. *sigh*