Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Wow. We're in our second full week of school. It won't be long before I'm graduating and heading off to college. Wow. That's scary.

I babysat overnight this weekend for a two-year-old and a four-year-old. We went to the neighborhood park, watched movies, and just played in the yard or in the house. It was pretty fun, but the two-year-old seemed to have a cold. Now, I'm pretty sure that she probably had a sore throat because that's the most likely place that I got mine from. Though, it does seem that something is going around. I know about five or six people with sore throats right now.

First Friday was fun. A great success for Environmental Club, but also for RCCF and the Flame.

Our first flex days are next week and the week after, and our first dance (hosted by the Senior Class-- yeah 06) is September 23rd. It's a costume dance...though most people have told us they're not coming if they have to dress up. The two best ideas us four senior class officers came up with were-- Joe's: Animal House (which was quickly overruled by our teacher advisors) and a movie theme, which took the biscuit. Oh well. I'll be dressed up and I'll have fun. We're giving out prizes to the best individual and group costumes!!!

That's all that's happened recently in Lindsay-land.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

It's september and I'm just now updating. Something is very wrong. Actually, school has started and my nights are filled with going to the gym, doing homework and doing club prep. Between senior class (we're planning a dance for Sept. 23-- BE THERE!), environmental club, RCCF, The Flame and soon SLA--- my extracurriculars are jam-packed. And in another two weeks, I'll start tutoring hispanic children at a local elementary school. I like being busy though, it's fun.

All my classes are good so far. Psychology definitely takes the prize, though, but I'm sure Modern Africa (formerly known as Southern Hemispheres) will tie pretty soon.

Gas prices are making my life miserable, as they are everyone else's I'm sure. Last night, I waited in line for gas for 1 hour, and then filled up my tank 3/4 of the way...only to see the price---$30!!!! This is insane. I don't make much money, because babysitting jobs are often sporadic, but I still have to pay my insurance and gas, plus I had to pay a week ago for my car to get new rims and tires-- to the tune of nearly 1000 dollars. Oh well. The not-so-fun part of having a car, I suppose.

The Katrina thing is got me upset. It's hundreds of miles away and yet I feel so useless. Giving money is hard for me though--- I'm worried the victims won't ever see it. I think I'll send canned goods instead. There's a need for everything right now, I think.

I had my senior portraits taken. Not a good experience. Oh well. Hopefully, I'll get a few decent shots for relatives and others who want them. The studio was stupid enough to make me take my outside poses (required by RCHS) first. I spent fifteen minutes in mid-ninety degree weather, only to come back in sweating. I'm sure that made me look just dandy for the rest of the pictures. Such is life.

I'm done. I'll try to be more regular about updating. I'm babysitting this weekend from 11am on Saturday until 5pm on SUNDAY! Wow. Two kids. Wish me luck!