Monday, December 19, 2005

Wow. I can't beleive that tomorrow is the final day of classes in 2005--- and I graduate in about 5 months!!! wow. I still remember the day I started high school (well, and kindergarten for that matter)...

Nothing new to report, really. Exams are going okay. 4 down. 1 to go tomorrow. Psychology wins for being the hardest, and statistics for being the easiest. AP Spanish was...okay...and Southern Hemispheres wasn't so bad after he decided to nix the second full essay. It was a pretty long test--- map, 8 IDs (historical significance and definition for each), 4 short essays, and originally 2 full-length essays, but he decided to cut the other one out, which was nice.

I got my facial mole removed. YAY. I went to the dermitologist because lately it's been getting bigger and sometimes (sorry, this is gross) it bleeds, and of course, it's been hurting a lot. The doctor seemed concerned, and I'm getting the lab results back in two days (ahhh...sooo nervous). But the doctor was like "Do you want us to cut it off and give you stitches or do you want us to burn it off?" I just stared at her; "Umm...are you doing it today? right now?" "Yeah," she said. I thought I was just going to be going in for an evaluation of sorts, but I walked out of there with stitches and no mole. The stitches have since dissolved/fallen out, and hopefully it will heal without much of a scar. It's really okay if there's a little scar b/c it's exactly in line with my laugh/smile line and so it won't be that noticeable anyway. I don't care really, at all, but I'm glad the mole's gone...

My birthday is in 3 DAYS!!!! YAY! I am going to register to vote that morning, so I'm very excited. :)

More later.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Got a couple of things to update about:

1. I have yet to start any more college applications b/c, well, I'm a slacker.
2. Facebook, Bojangle's sweet tea, and country music are my three obsessions.
3. I have a major crush on this guy...which of course keeps me crazy, especially because I don't know what to do about how I feel. Lol. Oh well.
4. I got "diagnosed" (by my doctor, a licensed medical professional) with this really cool thing called Benign Positional Vertigo. It's when a mass of proteins gets stuck in your semi-circular cancals (in your ear) and makes you feel like you're spinning even when you're not. I think it's kinda cool actually. And my doctor said the only way to "cure" it is to throw your head back in a particular direction multiple times. However, she warned "Stop doing this if you get dizzy." I thought--- isn't that why I'm here in the first place, because I'm dizzy all the time?!?!?
5. I've now reevaluated my desire to be a high-school history teacher, though it's still my first choice. My second choice is now a third grade teacher.
6. I have a ton of work (like everyone at RCHS) to finish before exams start.