Sunday, November 08, 2009


Allow me a moment.

Matt and I trained for and ran an 8k. It was my first 8k, and his too. It was also our first race together. We drove up to the Outer Banks on Friday and ran the race on Saturday morning. The course was an out-and-back course (which, if you're a runner, you probably abhorr), and that means you run out half the distance, and then turn around and run back. It's discouraging because you a) know how long you have left to go; and b) because the faster runners are passing you on their way back. Oh well. All in all, it was an amazing and really fulfilling experience. It definitely won't be our last race.

Here we are before the race.

When we got within sight of the finish line, I looked at Matt and said: "Race ya!" Of course, he won the sprint to the end, but I held my own!